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Negative Reviews & Complaints

To get a better feel for how Wix serves its customers, I took a deep dive into user comments. I read comments on review boards and third-party review sites (such as ours). Overall, reviews of Wix trend towards the negative. Here are a few of the complaints that I’ve seen come up again and again:

  • Inadequate Support: Users don’t like that there’s no way to call Wix directly. You can request a callback, or you can submit a support ticket, but you will always have to wait for Wix to respond to you. Some users go on to say that once you finally are able to get ahold of a support representative, they aren’t always the most helpful. Representatives often misread support tickets, and they respond with basic copy-paste style emails. I’ve also seen comments that suggest that Wix’s support team does not know enough about the software to help.
  • Auto-Renewal Billing: Wix prominently advertises its annual pricing plan. What it doesn’t make clear is that after your first year with Wix, your annual plan will automatically renew for another year. You’ll pay upfront the full cost of that next year, and if you didn’t mean to stay with wix review for much longer, tough luck! They don’t seem to issue refunds.
  • Glitches & Bugs: I’ve seen lots of reports of bugs within the software. Also, it seems that Wix representatives don’t often believe users when they find a bug.
  • Slow Loading: Wix can be slow to load, both on the front end (your website pages) and the back end (the user interface).
  • Features Not Advanced Enough: These complaints most often mention industry-specific features, such as the booking features or the online store features. While Wix is great for website creation, it often falls short in its business management features.

All in all, Wix doesn’t have the best set of user reviews. In particular, I’m most concerned about the billing issues, and the less-than-attentive customer support. Make sure that you keep these things in mind as you consider Wix.

Positive Reviews & Testimonials

It’s not all doom and gloom, however. Some users really like Wix, leaving glowing 5-star reviews to balance out the scathing ones. In general, these positive comments had two things in common:

  • Beautiful Design Templates: Wix’s selection of free and modern templates is very popular with its users.
  • Ease Of Use: Wix users also mention how simple it is to build and operate a website with Wix.

These positive comments are what I expected to find, as they line up with my own experience with Wix. If you’ve never designed a website before, and you’re looking for a launchpad, Wix is a good option.

Final Verdict

After testing the various features, tools, and apps, I’ve got to admit that Wix is one of the best and most reliable web services I’ve ever used. Nearly every step I took was smooth, reliable, and expertly guided. My final product was wonderful, and I could hardly ask for a better website building experience than what Wix offered me.

While I may seem overly complimentary, I think my enthusiasm is justified. I came into my Wix review as I would to any other review, and I was surprised to find myself having fun with the tools it gives. I didn’t know what to expect when I started, but it quickly became apparent that I had stumbled upon something that would have mass appeal.

That said, Wix still has room to improve in their customer support, and a few of their features could use some strengthening to support user needs. However, as a website builder, I have to say that Wix does its main job very well. I would recommend this platform to anyone looking for an easy, effective way to custom-build a website.

4.7out of 5

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