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Built with creatives in mind

Some web builders offer hundreds of templates, but only a handful look good. Squarespace has 65 carefully selected themes that all look amazing. They've tuned these to target seven main categories:

  • Businesses
  • Portfolios
  • Blogs
  • Musicians
  • Restaurants
  • Weddings
  • Personal

We'll take a look at the Encore template for example purposes. This is straightforward design for performing musicians. Right away you're presented with an example of how your cover page will look on a computer and mobile device. They also show you some examples of great sites others built using the template.

A powerful background image, simple navigation, and an immediate grasp of what the site is all about. This sort of clean layout is exactly what creative individuals need when trying to present a professional appearance. Like Squarespace says, “pick your template based on design, not functionality.” You can add the extra features you need in the site building process. No matter which template you use, it will look good, and you will be able to create a page that does what you need it to do for your visitors.

Squarespace reviews hail the superb, responsive design, and with good reason. You can get a look at the full range of themes here. Peruse the selection and draw your own conclusions as to why squarespace plans is often called the most elegant site builder on the market.

They make an attempt at eCommerce & monetization

It's difficult for a site builder to compete with dedicated e-commerce options like Shopify. Squarespace makes a good go of it, though, and should be commended. All of the plans give you the option of selling either physical or digital goods. Your store pages integrate naturally with your regular pages, so everything appears seamless.

You can create and manage an inventory. Customers will get a shopping cart so that they add items that they want to purchase. You can add coupons, discounts, and get access to tools to help with taxes and shipping. Furthermore, Squarespace doesn't put limitations on the number of items you can sell. Very useful for when you're trying to expand rapidly.

Squarespace also lets you make money via ads through Google AdSense. If your site traffic is good, you could stand to make a substantial sum through ads alone.

4.2out of 5

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