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How Easy is Big Cartel to Use?

Creating your online store should be exciting. Some might even say it should be fun. It definitely shouldn’t leave you banging your head against your desk in frustration. We always test for ease of use because it really is one of the most important factors of choosing the right ecommerce builder. Big Cartel big cartel review is no different.

So how did Big Cartel do?

Overall, the honest answer is: not great. But as always there’s more than just one side to this story. Big Cartel has a very user friendly onboarding process. So when you’re setting up your online store it gives you helpful prompts, reminders and suggestions. Being guided through the set up tasks makes it feel beginner friendly and easy to use.

One user found this especially useful:

“It has its strengths in that I felt more confident using it because it guides you through tasks, this just made it feel easier.”

The problems start once you’re ready to begin customizing and adding things yourself. The design of your site revolves heavily around your chosen theme. The themes themselves are very basic and offer very little room for customization. So if you want to change or add anything outside the guidelines of the theme, this is where you run into frustrating territory.

To really make the most of your website and have any create control, you will need to know how to code. This is less than ideal for beginners. In fact, it’s less than ideal for most people who aren’t confident coders!

Big Cartel came last in our research rankings for ease of use. If you stick to the basics and are happy following the theme without making many changes, Big Cartel is simple to use. But, for anyone who wants some creative freedom, things can get pretty tricky.

Customer Satisfaction

So how likely is someone to recommend Big Cartel? It received 3/5 stars for its customer score, with 52% of users saying they were likely to recommend it. This was taking into account their own user experience, as well as factors like price and features.

Here’s what some of our users had to say about Big Cartel:

“A simple, easy to use website builder that’s maybe good if you are starting out and you want a basic store, but not so great if you want a higher level of customization.”

“It’s quite deceptive, at the start I thought it would be really easy and customer friendly because it mentioned that  you were 10% of the way there, don’t forget this, do this do that. But then you realize that everything has to be coded in the back end.”

Overall people said they found it really simple and easy to get a basic site online fast. But most also found it limiting and said they would’ve liked more customization.

2.9out of 5

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